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Because containerised switchboards are designed and constructed in a controlled location, they produce less waste than delivering electrical equipment directly to site.  There’s a reduction in carbon emissions, arising from less extensive site visits from engineers, inspectors, and construction workers. 

During the design process, the end user is shown a digital twin of the facility. The client is then given the freedom to change the layout to meet all their specific project requirements.

The controlled, factory build of containerised switchboards limits the number of people needed 
on-site - minimising risk while also providing a 
safer on-site working environment.  

Containerised switchboards can provide financial cost savings of up to 35%  (Aoaro.com).  Costs are reduced based on a number of factors such as: limiting trips to site, streamlining processes and minimising material wastage and disruptions. 


Option to Scale
and Customise

Decreases Health and Safety Risks 

Low in costs