• What methods exist to remove carbon?

  • Should I use land I own?

  • If offsetting and option?

  • What due diligence should I do on offsetting providers?

How do I remove carbon at the end of the journey?
  • How do I use program governance to manage my net zero journey?

  • When do I use procurement process or carbon prices to drive low carbon choices?

  • How do I win hearts and minds so low carbon decision are business as usual?

  • What should I do to work with external stakeholders and partners to reduce emissions?

What governance process do I need?
  • What technical solutions can I use to reduce my emissions today?

  • What options will I have in the future?

  • Which solutions will save me money or are at least most affordable?

How do I use technology to reduce my emissions?
  • How do I measure and model my emissions?

  • What emissions do I need to report?

  • How do I use carbon data to make decisions?

  • Can I make sure I am on track?

How do I quantify my emissions?
  • How do you develop a plan that is credible, deliverable and ambitious?

  • What does a best practice plan look like?

  • What does it take to align internal and external stakeholders to the plan?

How do we develop a net zero strategy or plan?
  • Can you offer new services?

  • Will you be faced with new regulation?

  • Can you get access to new funding streams?

  • What will stakeholders expect of you?

How net zero will affect my organisation / project?