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While Canary is full customisable, one application could be:

Our solutions are driven by climate responsiveness, sustainability, resilience and regenerative practices that look after the environment and promote nature, ecology and biodiversity.

While Canary is full customisable, one application could be:

Snow / Ice 


Central to the WSP methodology for placemaking is Te Rautaki Māori o WSP. This Rautaki Māori is a strategy that is founded on the principles of mana enhancing partnerships, where we acknowledge our responsibilities for fostering the pathways that build a better world for future generations. Through this, we recognise that for Māori agency to prevail in placemaking processes and projects there is critical role for mana whenua, that ahi kā and the maintenance of ongoing relationships in foundational, and that a Māori to Māori interface builds cultural safety for clients, consultants and community on placemaking projects.

Environmental Risks  


Geological and Seismic Risks